The Only App Needed for


To efficiently manage OPEN HOUSES & LEADS



  • Host multiple open houses for FREE
  • Digital Sign-in Sheet with vital property information
  • Verify visitors' phone number, no more follow-up with fake or invalid number
  • Read, Analyze and Send your Open House Statistics to seller to show your efforts
  • One tap to send follow-up emails, built in email templates for various follow-ups
  • You Decide, Follow-up with all Open House visitors at once or individually
  • Tag TODO item for a visitor, no more forgetting and loosing a lead
  • Keep your data clean by marking email addresses valid or in-valid, no more bounced emails
  • Identify visitor's phone number is Land-line or Mobile, no more wasted text follow-ups
  • See what other in network open houses your LEADs are visiting
  • Your Data & Contacts are always with you access it via iPad app or a Browser
  • Client profiling (Coming soon)
  • Find potential buyer from our database (Coming soon)
  • Multiple email templates for follow-ups (Coming soon)
  • Find more details about other Open Houses happening near your's (Coming soon)


Property Showcase

Open House visitor would love to know details about the property he/she is visiting, showcasing your property details on the Sign-in sheet is a great Idea.
Facts and Figures of the property on the Sign-in sheet will do it all for you.

Open House Stats

Open House stats are one of the most important things that every Realtor looks at. You can measure your Open House success with the details you get from Simple Open House.
You should send an hourly visitors' chart to your seller to show efforts you're putting in for selling the property!

Know Your Leads

Getting more leads is one of the Goals of hosting an Open House. Simple Open House not only does an amazing job identifying Visitors vs Leads and Managing TODOs but also verifies visitors' phone numbers for you so you can focus on following-up with real phone numbers than fake ones.

Track Everything & Anywhere

Simple Open House app gives you a single screen to look at the Inventory of your Leads, Properties & TODOs. You can sync all these data on-line and take it with you anywhere.
Just login to the website to see your Follow-up Logs and all visitors' contact information



  • Unlimited Open Houses
  • Unlimited Visitors Signin
  • Unlimited Stastistics
  • Unlimited Phone Number Verifications
  • Unlimited Individual Follow-ups
  • Access Your Data Anywhere



  • Everything From Basic
  • Leads' In-network Open House Visit Details
  • Unlimited Group Follow-ups
  • Client Profiling (Coming Soon)
  • Multiple Email Templates (Coming Soon)
  • Find Potential Buyers (Coming Soon)

$9.99 /Month